The 15th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019)April 7-10, 2019 Kobe, Japan

(TT2019 is held as a part of RIKEN Symposium Series.)

Welcome Message

Welcome to Kobe, Japan!

It is a great honor and pleasure of the TT2019 Conference Committee and the ISTT to welcome you all to the 15th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019). At the milestone of our 15th event to celebrate, the local staff of RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR), the host institution of this Conference, also would like to offer the delegates from all over the world a warm welcome to Kobe, Japan.

The past four decades of animal transgenesis research have seen a number of technological breakthroughs, having paved the way to linking genes and their functions. We are now witnessing yet another wave of revolution in our field driven by genome editing technologies. This trend not only has tasked us to further enrich our technical expertise, but also has challenged us with many ethical questions. TT2019 starts off with the inaugural discussion session on ethics in the CRISPR era, followed by a number of innovative approaches using genome editing technologies in an expanding plethora of experimental model animal species, as well as those for translational and industrial applications. Yet it does, by no means, detract fundamentals from traditional approaches in animal genetic manipulations, underscored by many other excellent talks, including the ISTT Prize Lecture by Lluis Montoliu on transgenesis with large constructs, the Keynote Lecture by Hiroshi Hamada on elucidation of fundamental mechanisms underlying animal body plan by transgenic approaches and the Orbis Pictus Lecture by Gail Martin on historical perspectives of the embryonic stem cell technology. We will also hear from the recipients of Young Investigator Award and 3Rs Prize about innovative research accomplishments for which they were awarded.

Delegates will also feel the heat of new developments in our community in poster sessions where numerous emerging techniques and tools in transgenic technologies, including zygote electroporation, diverse animal models and bioresource development. The Post-TT2019 Hands-on Workshop will provide some of the delegates with a unique opportunity to exploit cutting-edge techniques in animal transgenesis.

We thank all the speakers and poster presenters in providing the seeds of exciting discussions. We are also deeply indebted to our sponsors and exhibitors from corporate and academic sectors for their generous support. Additionally, but not the least, the exhaustive efforts and support of the ISTT leadership, TT2019 Scientific Advisory and Organizing Committees and the local meeting staff warrant an enormous amount of gratitude for the realization of this Conference.

It is our great expectation that TT2019 will be a venue for the transgenic technology community to enjoy fruitful scientific exchange, to develop future collaborations and to explore possible future directions of our field!


Yasuhide Furuta

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Yasuhide Furuta
Chair of TT2019 Organizers

Wojtek Auerbach

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Wojtek Auerbach
ISTT President