The 15th Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019)April 7-10, 2019 Kobe, Japan

(TT2019 is held as a part of RIKEN Symposium Series.)

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Dear All ISTT Members and Prospective Participants

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The 2019 Transgenic Technology Meeting (TT2019) represents something of a milestone, the 15th holding of this event since its inception. We are delighted that this memorable occasion for the International Society for Transgenic Technologies (ISTT) will be hosted in the city of Kobe, Japan, supported by the RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) and co-sponsored by Molecular Biology Society of Japan (MBSJ).

The past four decades of animal transgenesis research have seen a number of technological breakthroughs which have paved the way to linking genes and their functions. The current landscape of transgenic technologies includes a great many multi‐disciplinary approaches to the generation and characterization of genetically modified animal models. In particular, emergence of genome editing technologies and their application to animals in experimental and industrial settings have been transforming how we approach to the development of genetically engineered animal resources. This trend is likely to accelerate, and our goal is to make the TT2019 Meeting a venue for the transgenic technology community to explore possible future directions for the field. To this end, the Committee has been working rigorously to formulate an excellent panel of speakers in many disciplines.

Japan is famed for its culture of hospitality, known as o‐motenashi. Japan’s welcoming approach to visitors, its exquisite cuisine, and refined attention to the smallest detail, were all decisive factors in its selection as host country for the 2020 Olympic/Paralympic Games. Located in the central-west region of Japan, Kobe is a city with its own rich heritage and located nearby to famous historic attractions in Kyoto and Nara. Many parts of the city have been rebuilt since a devastating earthquake in 1995, giving it a unique combination of tradition and modernity. The meeting’s dates in April are perfectly timed to enjoy the cherry blossom season that defines Japan’s beauty and appreciation for nature. With its many world‐class scientific research institutions and its cosmopolitan charm, Kobe welcomes the TT2019 Meeting and its international delegates to provide a venue for fruitful scientific exchange and future collaborations!


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Wojtek Auerbach
President, ISTT

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Yasuhide Furuta
Chair, TT2019 Organizing Committee